FARO WebShare Cloud

Határok nélküli megosztási lehetőség

Link: http://www.faro.com/products/faro-software/scene-webshare-cloud/overview

SCENE WebShare Cloud egy felhő típusú megoldás a FARO-tól amely segítségével könnyen és nagy biztonsággal lehet megosztani a szkennelt adatokat a világ bármely részére az interneten keresztül.

With SCENE WebShare Cloud, FARO® offers a comprehensive service to provide users with simple access to 3D documentation. Neither technical training nor specialist skills in 3D laser scanning are necessary to work with the intuitive user interface. Digital data, such as 3D documentation, often has to be available to many different project partners. Previously, users having their own internet server, could use SCENE WebShare to present their laser scan projects to clients an project partners. Now FARO goes considerably further, offering the SCENE WebShare Cloud solution, a hosting service with various packages at different prices.

New! In addition to its known panoramic views, SCENE WebShare Cloud is now providing the clarity of real 3D viewing to understand and analyze complex on-site conditions.

WebShare Cloud Demo Szerver

Látogasson el a demó oldalunkra demo.websharecloud.com ahol megtudhat többet a  WebShare Cloud összes lehetőségeiről.

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