FARO Scene

Faro 3D Laser Scanner

Faro Scene

SCENE 3D laser scanner software is specifically designed to process 3D point clouds collected by FARO® FocusS, FARO Focus3D and Freestlye3D Laser Scanners. SCENE processes and manages scanned data easily and efficiently by using automatic object recognition as well as scan registration and positioning. SCENE can also generate high-quality colorized scans very quickly, while providing the tools for automated targetless or target-based scan positioning.

This registration software is extremely user-friendly, from simple measuring to 3D visualization to 3D meshing and exporting into various point cloud and CAD formats. Added verification steps now allow users to confirm if a scan registration result is contextually correct adding an additional level of confidence to their data quality.

The latest version of SCENE 6.2 provides a powerful large scale meshing tool for automatic modeling of free form shapes. Meshes can be calculated, viewed and exported into various standard formats.

Once the scan project complete, scan data can be published on a web server at the touch of a button. With SCENE WebShare Cloud laser scans can be easily accessed and viewed with a standard Internet browser. The new version allows viewing multi-layer overview maps, too.

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